Feedback on the VM3 Odour Control

We had a problem with the smell from our toilets and no matter how much we cleaned them there was a lingering odour.  We trialed the Odour Pads and they immediately showed an improvement to the extent we are now fitting these same pads in all of our toilets

Ray Wolff, Manager Passenger Services- Interislander 


Age Care Facility

Salford Aged Care (Melbourne, Australia) are saving about $3500 a year compared to the auto sprayers in the first year and in the second year saving of $4500 as pad holders are a 1 off purchase. The maintenance manager has also saved on time management, to replace cartridge and batteries in auto sprayer taken 8hrs compared with 1.5 hrs replacing pads in pad holders.

The system that was implicated, Double odour control pads in a double pad holder close to ventilation and air-conditioning unit to allow flow through the hallways.

Salford had 60 auto sprayers and we installed 60 pad holders.

Result as Salford has said,

Just a quick e mail to let you know that the odour pads and holder grates you supplied are performing exceptionally well – we are impressed indeed!  We trialled a number of the pads in high odour areas and we were amazed at how quickly and how well the odour pads worked – and the fact that the odour pads “keep on keeping on” 50% longer than the spray units we had been using.   No doubt you can recall the urine smell problem we had in one particular room – no matter what we tried the odour always returned within days.  One pad placed on the front of the air conditioner totally eliminated the smell within 8 hours – and the room has remained odour free since then.   The cost saving over a twelve month period has been halved (compared to the costing of automatic spray units) which is another plus for us – especially when every dollar counts!

I am more than happy to recommend your product.

Thanks once again – I can certainly say that you have helped us out immensely

For a pdf copy of our “Age Care Guide Book” click here


“Fantastic we had a terrible cat urine smell it’s now completely gone!”

Michelle Lee Klopper


“I had piglet wees and poo smells, holy moly I’m so impressed !! I smelt my package before I got to the letterbox bloody awesome, I will have more too please :)”

Susan Warren


“Had some draws that smelt of mould every time you opened them. No more smell after the first day and still going strong.”

Valerie Anne Roycroft


“I chucked mine in the dreaded shoe cupboard full of kids school and sports shoes and am very impressed with the result. I thought it was a bit strong smelling when I first opened the packet but didn’t notice the perfume smell after the first day and no stinky shoes!!”

Nikki Anderson


“I stuck my pad in the lid of the nappy bucket in my bathroom the day it arrived. I look after 3 babies/toddlers so you can imagine we gather a fair number of smelly nappies in a week! Usually my own kids complain and moan about the dreaded ‘nappy bucket’ at least once a day, saying it STINKS. Well, this past week no one has said a thing, by Friday night it was full to the brim, ready to be emptied into the yellow sack, but still not a whiff of ‘eau de nappy’ 🙂 I would definitely recommend these and need to find out where I can get more!

Pam Clarke


Well – you said it would absorb odours and it definitely does that!! I placed it by the cat litter tray and no longer do I enter the house to the scent of cat!! I wish you all the best in promoting this product as you are onto a winner for me!!

Bev Hopper


It is unbelievable how effective this product is – even scary that a natural product could be this good. Within a few days the dog odour in my office had all but disappeared.

Toby Yorke


I have been very happy with the sample we received; I used it under a bench in our open plan lounge/dinning/kitchen area. I do think it has made a big difference. We have a 27kg British bull dog with skin irritations so is constantly shedding & rubbing himself all over the place leaving a nasty dog smell that no matter how much I vacuum I can’t get rid of ! This has definitely eliminated some of the odour. I would be very keen to purchase some & keep the smells away for good.

Sean Holliday


I was skeptical at first as I’ve tried other products to help with house hold odours but I am very surprised that four days later and still keeping the smell away. Great stuff.

Shara-lee Porter


Definitely a great product, actually works. Teen room smelling awesome!

Lynda Robinson


I put mine in a large double cupboard. When we moved into this apartment a year ago the cupboard smelt, to the point that I only put things in there that it doesn’t matter (for example old shopping bags and the Xmas tree). I have a bottle of another popular brand of air freshener in there and every time I go into that cupboard I have to spray it.

Well I am so pleased to say that now after using my free sample it is now free of that yucky smell, and in fact smells pleasant. I am now more than happy to be able to actually put my winter jackets in there and be able to fully utilise the previously wasted space. Could you please let me know where I can purchase this product as I know there are other places/times I will need this

Karlene McDonnell